Power Supplies for Large-scale Electrolysis

Fit-to-scale solutions at
the lowest cost per Megawatt


Using proven sustainable technology, we deliver affordable customised solutions for your green hydrogen production through electrolysis

Optimal balance between cost and performance. Neya is a fully independent brand by VONK, so we can provide the best fitting power supply solution for your electrolysis project.

Power Supplies for
Large-scale Electrolysis
  • Fit-to-Scale
  • Cost Efficient
  • PF & Harmonics Compliant
  • Easy Integration

Building Block Specification

Standard units 5MW, 10MW & 20MW
System scope Transformer-rectifier, switchgear, bus-ducts, cooling, housing, etc
Customer-optimized Fit-for-scale
Rectifier type Full IGBT-AFE / AFE-Chopper / Diode-IGBT Chopper / Thyristor
Efficiency Full IGBT-AFE >96,5% / AFE-Chopper >96.5% / Diode-IGBT Chopper >97% / Thyristor > 98%.
THDi IEC 61000-2-4, IEEE519 and VDE-AR-N 4110 compliant
Power Factor (PF) Full IGBT-AFE >0.99 / AFE-Chopper >0.99 / Diode-IGBT Chopper >0.96 / Thyristor > 0.9
Controls VONK state-of-the-art Control Platform


5MW, 10MW & 20MW


Accelerating new energy

Neya is the best fitting technology for your electrolyser. Whether it is a Full-IGBT, Diode-IGBT, Thyristor or a Multilevel Modular Converter (MMC).

We build Neya in a fit-to-scale size with a single connection. Your gain? The least possible work and costs for integration with cables or busducts on site.

Leading OEM applies NEYA Power Supplies for their largest project in Europe


HydroHub test facility at the MegaWatt Test Center of the Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Sciences


NEYA Power Supply to feed 20 MW electrolyser of Finland’s <b>first green hydrogen production plant</b>



Call the shots with
state-of-the-art VONK
control platform

A power supply which exactly fits your electrolyser, leaving you with the lowest possible cost per kW. Neya’s standard building blocks are provided with our innovative custom control platform, which can align energy from fluctuating sources such as wind and solar.

Thanks to Neya, you will be able to optimise the use of available renewable energy.